A Warm Welcome to Oxford

Pictured: West Jackson Chevron Manager, Mattie Gossett
Pictured: West Jackson Chevron Manager, Mattie Gossett

To many, the intersection of Highway 6 and Jackson Avenue in Lafayette County signifies the entrance to Oxford and with it, the University of Mississippi. The West Jackson Chevron is one of the first convenience stores to greet visitors and locals alike.

Originally a full-service station more than 40 years ago, the West Jackson Chevron is a bustling must-stop on the way into town for gas, fried chicken and Mississippi Lottery products.

Longtime Manager Mattie Gossett and Assistant Manager Lonnie Laster stay busy greeting regular customers by name and nickname. They’ve worked together for so long many people think Lonnie is her son. They’re a dynamic duo.

When they’re not ringing up customers, they’re cooking, prepping breakfast orders for regulars and even handing out toys to children who visit. They’re also busy selling Mississippi Lottery products, which they’ve been selling since the Lottery launched.

Entering the store, Lottery displays are the first thing to welcome you, after Mattie does, of course. Jackpot updates abound, along with clean, clear display cases for the scratch-off games. The player station is located at the back of the store near the waters and snacks. 

Sticky notes with customer game preferences are tucked behind the counter.

As if on cue, a lady entered the store and handed her money to Mattie, with nothing more than a “Hello.” Mattie pulled out the sticky note with the lady’s regular Powerball purchase preferences listed, rang up the ticket and handed it to
the woman.

By keeping notes on certain customer’s lottery orders, the staff can avoid confusion, operate more efficiently and foster the sense of community enveloping the store.

Both Mattie and Lonnie emphasize the key to their success is knowing 75 percent of their customers personally, whether it's their lottery game of choice or what they enjoy for breakfast.

Mattie and Lonnie often call to check on regulars if they haven’t seen them in a while. They will bring them food and help transport them places if needed. In fact, Lonnie recently drove a player to Jackson to collect a $10,000 win due to the player no longer having the ability to drive.

When asked how the drive went, Lonnie said, “He’s been playing the Lottery for years and can explain it a lot better than I can.”

Customer service like this can’t be found just anywhere. It’s a key to the West Jackson Chevron’s success.