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A Warm Welcome to Oxford

Pictured: West Jackson Chevron Manager, Mattie Gossett

Pictured: West Jackson Chevron Manager, Mattie Gossett To many, the intersection of Highway 6 and Jackson Avenue in Lafayette County signifies the entrance to Oxford and with it, the University of Mississippi. The West Jackson Chevron is one of the first convenience stores to greet visitors and locals alike. Originally a full-service station more than… Continue reading A Warm Welcome to Oxford

Small But Mighty

When it comes to lottery sales, even a small retailer can pack a powerful punch. Take Finish Line in Hattiesburg for example. What the store lacks in size – if it were a home, it could accommodate two people, but only if they really like each other – it makes up for in location, preparation… Continue reading Small But Mighty

Power of Community

For nearly 20 days, Rick’s Express #3 on Highway 61 was the only store open in Rolling Fork after a March 24, 2023, tornado devastated the area, despite the fact the store was without power like the rest of the community. Peter and Rita Parmar, store managers, were on-site when the tornado lashed the city.… Continue reading Power of Community

Simply Successful

There’s a small gathering of people milling about and visiting just outside the doors of Tobacco Mart on Highway 51 in Brookhaven. Inside, a man positioned at the lottery scanner checks his sack of tickets while chatting with the store clerks. That’s the vibe Tobacco Mart in Brookhaven embraces, encourages and welcomes. Most of the… Continue reading Simply Successful

Livin’ on the Edge

Rural location has its advantages About 15 miles east of the Columbus corporate limit sign, on an often-lonely stretch of U.S. Highway 82, there’s a convenience store that, considering the population around it, considerably outkicks its coverage. Sprint Mart #4107 prominently displays Mississippi Lottery tickets and adapted the play center to a countertop unit, forgoing… Continue reading Livin’ on the Edge

The Power of Promotions

Times have changed, but promoting a quality family-run business isn’t fleeting Pictured left to right: Tiffany Trotter, Regional Manager, and Shinotta Henderson, General Manager. Customer service and promoting a business have transformed through the years. Long gone are the days when service attendants pumped gas, washed windshields, all while chatting with regular customers. Those practices… Continue reading The Power of Promotions

A Natchez Staple

Natchez has a longstanding, albeit colorful, association with gambling. On occasion, what went on in the rough and rowdy gambling Mecca of Natchez-under-the-Hill leached into Natchez proper, as when a mob of Kentucky boatmen ceased their three-day riot at Natchez-under-the-Hill only after city officials aimed a cannon at them from the bluffs above. Rest assured,… Continue reading A Natchez Staple

Papa V’s: Fostering Comfort in a Creative Way

Known as the birthplace of Elvis Presley and heralded as an artistic town, Tupelo is also home to another original – Papa V’s, where Mississippi Lottery games are a big hit.  Located on the corner of the busy intersection of Main and E. Elizabeth streets, Papa V’s beautiful brick building attracts loyal lottery customers from… Continue reading Papa V’s: Fostering Comfort in a Creative Way