Game Information

Ticket Price$3
Top Prize$40,000
Overall Odds1:4.21
Launch Date02/28/2023
Game Number127
Game StatusActive
* Approximate overall odds of winning including breakeven prizes is established at the time of printing. Chances of winning will change as prizes are won.

Game Instructions:

  1. Scratch the YOUR SHOT NUMBERS play area to reveal ten YOUR SHOT numbers.
  2. On the Skee-Ball board, scratch only the numbers that match those in the YOUR SHOT NUMBERS play area.
  3. Add up the POINTS that correspond to each of the matched YOUR SHOT numbers on the SKEE-BALL BOARD. Each matched YOUR SHOT number will correspond to an individual point value displayed on the SKEE-BALL BOARD.
  4. If you total 150 or more POINTS on the SKEE-BALL BOARD, win the prize indicated in the PRIZE KEY.
  5. QUICK TOTAL is a reveal of the sum of the points matched on the SKEE-BALL BOARD. Quick Total cannot be used to increase your total points. Only highest prize paid per ticket.

WIN UP TO $40,000!

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Game Prize Info:

Prize ValueOriginal Prize CountRemaining Prize Count
$40,0002nd Chance Prize1

Last updated 06/21/2024