Itching to Win

Over the weekend, a Waynesboro man felt a familiar itch in his right palm.

“When my right palm itches, something good is going to happen to make me happy,” he said. “That’s what I believe.”

A few days later, he made a stop at his local grocery store, Ramey’s Marketplace—Waynesboro, and purchased a few 3 Times Lucky scratch-off tickets. He returned to his truck and scratched off the tickets. When he walked back into the store, the clerk yelled in excitement. He had won $3,000.

“She was more excited than I was,” he continued with a smile.

He continued his day without telling anyone his news.

Later that same day, the man’s wife entered the same store. A clerk told her a man came in earlier and won $3,000. The lady had no idea it was her husband who held the winning ticket.

“He didn’t tell me until eight hours later,” she said laughing. “He took me to dinner Wednesday night. After dinner, he told me to put on my glasses and help him read something.”

It was then she realized her husband was the man who won the $3,000 earlier at Ramey’s.