Presidential Family of Scratch-Offs on the Ballot Next Week

Yes, we know about Hamilton; but, he’s on the $10 bill

JACKSON, MISS. – The results are in, and three very stately scratch-offs completing the Presidential family of games will be available for purchase in Mississippi Lottery retailers, starting Dec. 5.

$2 – Jefferson: Approximate overall odds are: 1:4.66. Win up to $20,000.

$5 – Lincoln: Approximate overall odds are: 1:4.49. Win up to $100,000.

$10 – Hamilton: Approximate overall odds are: 1:3.84. Win up to $200,000.

(No. Hamilton was never president but calling it the “Three Presidents and another Founding Father Who Happened to Become the First Secretary of the Treasury” just doesn’t have a ring to it.)

The three new scratch-offs will join the Mississippi Lottery’s latest $20 scratch-off, featuring President Jackson and a newsworthy top prize of $1 million.

These games also provide players an additional chance to win the top prize by entering their non-winning tickets into a 2nd Chance promotional drawing. Visit