We welcome your interest in the Mississippi Lottery. Our success depends on your success, and that is why we’re committed to making the process of becoming a Retailer as convenient as possible. Becoming a Mississippi Lottery Retailer will add a new dimension to your business as well as help raise millions of dollars to enhance infrastructure and education in Mississippi.

We look forward to a successful and cooperative relationship with you. Thank you for your interest, and good luck as a Mississippi Lottery Retailer!

  • Process Instant Ticket Orders
  • Lottery Product Questions
  • Inventory Validation/ Unassigned Pack Issues
  • Total Inventory Management Questions 
  • Application licensing, status, etc
  • Sweeps, bank deposit info, retailer's accounts invoicing info
  • Terminal functional info
  • Retailer's certificates, bond renewals, termination requests
  • Ticket activation, settlement, credit adjustment request & invoice info
  • Altered tickets
  • Damaged tickets
  • Tickets deemed as previously paid
  • Investigation of reports involving possible retailer fraud, embezzlement, and illegal activities

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